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2017 Shadow Cruiser 195WBS


If you've found this page, then you're probably at least a little interested in our camper. My wife and I purchased this camper in 2017 and it worked out perfectly for us. However, we had a child in 2019 and are looking at getting a bigger camper. This is a perfect couples camper and it worked well with a newborn. But with our active little one, we are looking for some additional space that will work for us now and in the future. 

We are looking at buying another Shadow Cruiser because this has been a great camper. We have not had any issues with it and the quality has proven to be very good. 

We are asking $15,750 but are willing to entertain serious offers.


In addition to the standard features, the camper has the following upgrades: 

     Slide-Out Awning;

     Vent Covers;

     Bumper Mounted BBQ Grill;

     Cabinet Upgrade (The dealer mentioned this had a cabinet upgrade, not sure what was upgraded)


In addition to the upgrades, I would be willing to include the following:

     Weight Distribution Hitch (w/ Sway Control);

     Portable Waste Tote (which I built a mount for just behind the tongue);

     Solid Steps;

     Butcher Block Oven Cover;

     Blocks for the Jacks. 

While it may be hard to list every upgrade on this camper, I will at least go over a few of the things I have done to improve this unit. To operate the leveling jacks I would use a 3/4" socket in my drill and I took the manual crank off the tongue jack and welded a nut, allowing the jack to be raised and lowered with the same socket in my drill. I opened up the pass through storage space to allow for additional storage, built a bracket to carry a portable waste tote, welded a 2" hitch receiver to the frame, built a butcher block cover for the stove, added lights to the two closets next to the bed, put shelves in one of the bedside closets, added electric and a shelf for an alarm clock, and built a drawer for the under bed storage. 

For more information, call or text me, Aaron Meikle, at 330.717.2851. Thank you.

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